Our Technologies

Image Capture

Our image capture technology enables organizations to extract meaningful data from images such as printed text, handwriting and faces. The pattern recognition technology can identify specific objects and extract relevant data.

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Our software will reject unsuitable images. For those that are usable, we prepare for data field extraction by smoothing, applying geometric correction, binarization and tamper detection. We extract data fields using specific algorithms for different document types. Where hand written texts are extracted, we utilize our proprietary machine learning based image processing libraries. For final validation we apply domain specific rules to provide accurate data output.
Natural Language Processing

Our NLP technology makes meaningful conversations possible using just the human voice. Our algorithms interpret the output from common speech recognition APIs and enable customers to interact with an organisation's core systems. This enables questions to be asked, databases to be queried and instructions to be given using natural voice commands.

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Our NLP solutions are geared to interpret the end user’s vocalised intent through domain specific knowledge structures thereby increasing precision for the business application. Proprietary machine learning algorithms are used to build and tune the knowledge structure automatically. The NLP engine continues to learn on-the-job continually improving its effectiveness.
Video Calling and verification

The verification software then matches the bio-metric data from a facial image in a photo or an ID card with that of a person. The software compares numerous measurements and ratios in order to confirm that the person in the image is the same person.

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It can also be used to compare a video image against a database of stored pictures in order to identify a customer and provide tailored greetings and/or alerts.

Our Products

Easy Account Opening

To enable the new digital generation to open up new banking relationships we have taken the friction out of the present-day account opening process.  Fintech-labs’ onboarding module makes account opening as easy as taking a picture. The customer downloads the app, takes a photo of their driving licence and takes a ‘selfie’.

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Our technology reads the data, completes the application, validates the picture via facial recognition and makes a secure video call for bank validation. Accounts can be opened in just a few minutes.

Smart Assistant

Our Intelligent Assistant module is powered by our natural language processing (NLP) technology.
It enables organisations to improve customer
services, reduce costs and greatly improve accessibility by enabling the natural spoken human voice to interact with many business processes. Customers can have meaningful, automated conversations with the Intelligent Assistant. For example, they can
request services such as ‘What is my balance?’ and ‘List all payments to my landlord’ or even have a more complex discussion involving bank products such as investments.

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With all the advances in digital technology in banking, there are still groups who are less able to take advantage of its benefits due to accessibility limitations. Through the Intelligent Assistant, a bank can offer accessibility services to those who are partially sighted or who find it hard to use conventional digital channels.

The Intelligent Assistant is a hosted service with APIs easily embedded into mobile apps, smart watches, self-service in-store kiosks and can be offered via a web site.

Smart Branch

Growth of digital has redefined the banking experience. Branch banking is shifting shift from transactions to interactions. Customers will visit branches to get advice and to purchase financial products. At the same they will expect digital services to complement the branch customer experience and to make it more engaging.

Fintech-labs smart branch solution has been designed to support these new dynamics and offers personalised greeting services through facial recognition. It allows a customer to speak to the smart branch device using normal voice commands using our natural language processing (NLP) technology.

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They can book appointments, open accounts, request to see key bank personnel e.g. their relationship manager. The application also manages the appointment process i.e. alerts the store staff, manages queues and provides analysis of footfall. The solution supports smart kiosks and concierge robots.