July , 2014

The best of Africa met the best of Europe last week to share ideas and learn from each other. Kenya has long been held out to be one of the most advanced nations when it comes to the use of mobile phones for mobile money. Since M-Pesa started in 2007, virtually everyone in the country […]

May , 2014

For a long time, banks only focused on the business of handling money. It did not seem to matter just what sort of finances were involved – the money came in, the money went out, and that was simply the way the world worked. However, many banks and financial services are realising that, if they […]

December , 2013

Since the company began back in the 1970s, Apple has become known for its incredible innovations in many fields of technology. Now, Apple is making its first few steps into the lucrative world of mobile payments, but what remains to be seen is whether or not Apple can dominate this market like they have done […]

November , 2013

IBM has been a huge influence on the technological forefront for decades. Without the company’s influence, there would be a significant gap historical technological innovation. It should come as no surprise, then, that IBM has come out with its annual 5 in 5 – the five technological innovations the company predicts will be implemented within […]

October , 2013

Banks are traditionally slow to move on technological trends; this is starting to be to their detriment. In the past they waited until customers have adopted the new technology. This behaviour now puts them at a disadvantage as evidenced by the recent trends towards using digital wallets. The Forrester Research report, “Craft the Right Digital […]

September , 2013

With current trends in banking being somewhat volatile, it should come as no surprise that there are serious questions about the viability of the banking industry as a whole. Recent bank bailouts, as well as surges in the popularity of m-commerce and e-commerce, has led to conclusions by many in the field that the longstanding […]